Menopause and Beyond

Her.9 is the first Complete Women's Wellness Supplement, for every woman, For Life.

DuoCap® technology is proven to help with the symtoms of conditions, which let's face it, have not had sufficient research into, but all can be supported through hormone support and nutrition.

Perimenopause and menopause can leave you feeling, unlike yourself. With low moods, hot flushes, achy joints, mind fog... the list goes on!

We've done our research with our Drs and Nutritionists, and have found that for many women, deficiencies can be a factors into why menopausal symptoms are so bad.

Her.9 formulation is scientifically backed to support Women's reproductive systems from your first period, right the way through to menopause and beyond, with 18 of the highest quality ingredients all in one magic DuoCap.


We separate incompatible ingredients

Optimal Absorption

The fat soluble nutrients are located in the outer capsule whilst the inner capsule contains nutrients that are water soluble to ensure optimal absorption for the body.

Essential Vitamins

Some vitamins just don’t get along, like Vitamin K2 and Magnesium which degrade rapidly when combined. Our DuoCap® technology enables the safe combination of essential vitamins, instead of taking 3-4 different supplements per day.

Reactive Ingredients

Nausea and stomach cramps are often a big issue with supplements. We avoid this by putting reactive ingredients in the inner capsule, for delayed release into the lower intestine where it's best absorbed.

Our ingredients

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